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BoxLogix Makes Automotion Conveyor's Top 15 Integrators for 2014

Posted by Dwight Jones on

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Top 15 Automotion Integrators

Congratulations and Thank You to all of our integrator partners. Especially recognized are our Top 15 Integrators for Year End 2014, in alphabetical order: BoxLogix, DC Integration, Designed Conveyor, DS Handling Systems, E-Tech, ETi, Hy-Tek, Industrical Kinetics, Kuecker Logistics, Mainway Handling, Retrotech, S&S Systems, Tech Conveyor, W&H Systems, and Warehouse Systems

If you are interested in Wynright / Automotion conveyors or automation systems please contact BoxLogix Automation at 1-877-500-3241 or by email at Customer Support 

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Wynright / Automotion New Greenline Conveyor Platform

Posted by Ryan Saint on

Wynright’s new Green Line conveyor platform takes conveyor from commodity to cool. Helping clients reduce their carbon footprint is crucial. They challenged their engineers to re-evaluate their equipment and to use the latest technology available to design the next generation of material handling products. In doing so, they not only came up with revolutionary innovations to improve energy consumption and ease of control, but they addressed the age old problem of conveyor aesthetics by incorporating a common side channel into the design of four different conveyor families. The sleek new design not only offers operational enhancements and reduces...

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