SpeedCell Introduces New Mobile Order Picking Cart

Posted by Ryan Saint on

SpeedCell Storage Solutions (Booth 4527) introduced a new way to pick orders with its SpeedCell Cartt at a Wednesday press conference. The cart allows users to fill, pick and stock products in a flexible and mobile manner.

The product comes in multiple standard configurations for single-side loading or back-to-back loading. Optional accessories include a clipboard holder, wired baskets, directional handles, and a Kanban label holder/pocket.

Scott Smith, VP, said the new product was designed to replace the manual and/or shopping cart-based setups that are still being used to transport products through many of today’s warehouses and DCs. Able to handle 800 pounds of loaded capacity, SpeedCell Carts have ergonomic handles, a closed back and turned-up lip (to capture the product), a heavy-duty top shelf and heavy-duty casters.

For more information please contact BoxLogix Automation at 1-877-500-3241 or by email at Customer Support

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